What You Need To Know About Brewing And Distillation

The words distilleries ireland makes a lot of sense to people in the brewing business. This is because Ireland is one place that is famous for its brewing industry. There are many reputable brewing companies here and this is why it is considered one of the brewing centers in all of Europe. The brewing companies here produce beer, rum, whiskey, gin and other alcoholic drinks. In this article, we shall look at the brewing industry in Ireland. We shall also look different types of drinks produced by the brewers here and the brewing process for each of these drinks. First off, let us talk about the process of producing alcoholic drinks.

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How Alcohol is Produced

All alcoholic drinks start out as grains. These grains include corn, barley, malt, sorghum and other grains. The production begins by selecting the right grains, making sure they are clean and then soaking them in a gigantic brewing container. After soaking the grains for a few days, they ferment and it is time to crush the grains. These grains are crushed until they have the right consistency. At this point, they are not alcoholic yet. However, the brewer can take some steps to make the mixture alcoholic. It is a simple matter of adding starter to the mixture and the broth will turn to alcohol.  


Once you have this alcoholic mixture, it is time to filter the broth. The process here involves getting rid of the solids and impurities until you have only a clear liquid left. From this liquid, you can get different types of drinks. 

Making Your Drinks the Proper Way

In some ways, brewing is a bit like refining crude oil. When you refine crude oil, you heat the petroleum and at different temperatures, you get petrol, kerosene, diesel, aviation fuel and low pour fuel. Now, what does this have to do with brewing beer, whiskey, rum or gin? The comparison is that you can get different types of alcoholic drinks when you use the distillation process. 

Light or Heavy

The important thing in the distillation process is that you can start with the light alcoholic drinks and move on to the heavier ones. This means you can produce ale, beer, rum and whiskey from the same grains. All you need to do is master the distillation process and you can use this to your advantage. 

Producing Vintage Whiskey

If your intention is to produce whiskey, you need to use the right process. This means using the right grains, using the right casks and ensuring that the alcohol is aged the right way. Just follow the proper steps and you will produce vintage whiskey.

As you already know, Ireland is the right place for whiskey, rum, gin and many other alcoholic drinks. If you are a buyer of large quantities of alcoholic drinks, you can get your supplies from a reputable Irish distiller. Do your research, find the right company and you will get exactly what you need at competitive prices.