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Masterbrewer Roger Preecs sits in front of his hand built brewery with his faithful dog Jake. Jake usually rides with Roger on deliveries.
On left, insulated Mashton.
Roger fabricated a swivel system enabling the 300 gallon Mashton to tilt forward for easy grain removal. An electric log splitting motor with a stainless steel paddle are used to help stir the mash (grain & water).

On the right is an 800 gal kettle. The wort (malt sugar liquid), is pumped from the Mashton into this tank, brought to a boil, then hops are added.
Fermentation and Conditioning Room
The tank in the rear is the main fermenter (dairy tank). While the others are 7 barrel Grundy tanks used for conditioning.
Right to left, Meheen bottle filler, conveyor system, World Tandom labler, and collection table. This equipment was acquired from different companies. After reconditioning the equipment, Roger assembled the bottling line. At this time, only 22oz. bottles are filled.
keg washer
New keg washer designed and built by Roger.  This washer can clean and sanitize four kegs at  one time.  The tanks at the bottom (old Hoff Steven kegs), hold the caustic, phosphoric acid and sanitizer.  These solutions are circulated through the four kegs sitting on top.
The logo art work was created by a neighbor who also did most of Sierra Nevada Brewery's art work.
Roger also makes his own custom ceramic tap handles.
Right, Roger Preecs
Left, Paul Williams

Paul Williams, a close friend and neighbor, gave Roger endless help and support in his brewing venture.
Paul is also an avid, award winning home brewer.

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